Tumble dryer does not heat up - home appliance repair

Author: Andrey Bondarev

From time to time, we all encounter tumble dryers. The most common reason for the owners of dryers contacting a service center with the following problem: the dryer does not heat up. If this happened to your tumble dryer, and you live in the province of Ontario GTA area in cities such as Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton - you can always call ProMaster home appliances repair and maintenance technicians.

Our company provides high-quality and affordable services for the repair and maintenance of home appliances. The cost of our services is very competitive and our engineers have years of experience with a wide range of brands and models.

The dryer does not heat up - no problem! We will diagnose, establish the cause and quickly fix the breakdown. You will receive reasonable prices from us. All you need to do is pay and review the work of our service on the site!

Tumble dryer does not heat up

Why is the dryer not heating up?

Typically, tumble dryers fail due to a violation of operating conditions. Cases of factory defects are quite rare. But even if the machine is super reliable, over time it will need maintenance or repair.

One of the basic problems is that the dryer does not heat up, it does not heat the air. This can be quickly identified by touching the tumble dryer door. If it is not hot, then this is the problem.

As a rule, the dryer does not heat up when the elements fail:

  • The temperature sensor is broken. In this case, the heating element and, accordingly, the dryer does not heat up to the required temperatures.
  • Heating element burned out.
  • Due to the voltage drop, the heating element is out of order.
  • Errors in the electronics unit.

Modern household appliances have complex mechanisms. To understand the equipment, you will need a special tool, a diagnostic device and extensive experience in repairing dryers. ProMaster service technicians face daily breakdowns and complaints that the dryer does not heat up. If you want to try to eliminate certain defects on your own, this will lead to additional problems, new breakdowns. Ultimately, by contacting a service center, you save your own money and nerves that cannot be restored.

Professional approach

Was the dryer broken? You can call the master by phone or online, leaving a request with the note "My dryer does not heat up". Specify information: name, phone number, model and brand of equipment, time of visit.

Our engineers are trained and experienced in servicing tumble dryers. Also, our service has a large number of spare parts for drying machines of all brands and models.

Place an order and our masters will come to the address as quickly as possible to eliminate certain problems.

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