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Why Does My Washing Machine Leaking from Bottom?

This question we placed in the headline is among the top-rated questions our customers in Toronto, GTA and Oakville areas are asking us. It's quite reasonable, as the most common problems with washers are concerning water leaks. Why are they so important?

  • When your washing machine leaking from the bottom, it is a danger for your interior as it could damage both flooring and wallpapers.
  • For apartment residents, a washer leaking from the bottom is a source of quarrels with neighbors due to flooding them.
  • After all, repairing a washer or buying a new one is also harm done to your budget as the price could be considerable.

Why should your washing machine leaking water from the bottom? Let's consider it with ProMaster.

Main Reasons for Washer's Leaking from the Bottom

First of all, let's check everything around. Perhaps, the problem is not in the washer itself but the water supply, sewage or heating system pipe is leaking, and the water just flows under the washing machine? If everything is working perfectly. Then it's time to proceed with the inspection of the communications that lead to the washing machine.

Very often, water leaks in the washing machine are associated with problems with the hoses: the inlet or drain hose could be replaced by children, pets, or simply too active cleaning routines. If you find that water is flowing from the joints, try unscrewing the hose and screwing it on again, tightening the fixing nut tighter. Also, inspect the hoses along their entire length: it happens that the drain hose is frayed if the washing machine is not installed correctly. If you find a leak in the hose itself, it will need to be replaced.

If the reason is not connected with draining hoses, to consider why the washer is leaking underneath will require a pro.

Main Problems With Your Washer Occurring

In our work, we have faced dozens of cases of washer leaking from the bottom throughout Canada. The main reasons for these breakdowns are the following:

  • The water is gathering under the washer. Most likely, the drain filter in the washing machine is not screwed on well. We offer you to unscrew the filter and tighten it carefully and tightly to the end. Be careful, otherwise, you might rip off the threads!
  • The water flows from the dispenser hopper on the front side. There is a blockage in the detergent dispenser hopper.
  • The front load washing machine leaking from the bottom could be concerned with the sealing. Most likely, the rubber cuff of the hatch has leaked. If the puncture is on the front of the cuff, it flows through the hatch, if on the inside, water comes out from under the washer. Most often, the cuffs suffer from improper operation of the machine: perhaps the seal was pinched by the hatch, or it leaked out due to the fact that small foreign objects got into it during washing.
  • If all the functions of the washing machine are normal, but a puddle appears, most likely the problem is in the pipes. This can be a pipe from the inlet valve to the dispenser, from the dispenser to the tank, or a drain pipe.

In any case, a repair will be needed to fix the problem. To get the most professional repair services in GTA, just contact us in ProMaster. Look at the customers' reviews, consider our prices, and you'll see that our repair-near-me services cost lower than ever.

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