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Author: Andrey Bondarev

Why the Oven Won’t Turn On: Highlighting the Main Reasons for a Breakout

Having an oven is a must for a modern household even if you are not a gourmand and a chief cooking day and night. That device could come in handy even if you want to heat something to eat. No matter to say the oven is an indispensable item for those who love cookies or cakes.

But even in a zealous owner’s hands, it could happen the oven won’t turn on. This could be a sad experience yet there is no reason for giving up as to repair the oven in Canada you need only to call us in ProMaster and get our repair services for the lowest cost in Toronto and Oakville.

Why Can an Electric Oven Be Broken

We often get feedback or reviews from our clients claiming “my oven won’t turn on, so what should I do?” That depends much on the type of oven you have and on the type of breakout.

For electric ovens, there are multiple factors that should be considered.

  • Is there mains voltage or you are just turned off the electricity? If the indicators are off, the control buttons and switches do not respond, then the oven is not powered from the mains.
  • Violations of the oven’s wiring should cause the electric oven won’t turn on. To establish the cause accurately and even more so, to correct it, you need an experienced specialist with the necessary equipment and the electrical circuit of the stove.
  • A faulty thermal sensor does not transmit temperature data to the control module, and that, naturally, turns off the oven or the entire stove in order to avoid damage to other parts of the stove due to overheating. It is worse if the sensor works, but incorrectly: then overheating is quite possible with all the ensuing sad consequences.
  • One of the most common reasons for a non-working oven is a burned-out heating element: the upper or lower heating element. You can check them visually: there should be no dark spots, swellings, cracks and other mechanical damage on a working heating element, after turning on the oven, the heating element is red-hot.
  • If the timer breaks down, as in the case of problems with the control board, it is difficult to predict the behavior of the oven: it may not turn on at all due to a safety interlock, it may turn off quickly due to an incorrect command from a faulty timer.

What About the Gas Option?

When talking about the gas oven, it is even more dangerous to leave it damaged. If your gas oven won’t come on, you do not have to deal with it on your own as it could be dangerous. All the diagnostics and repairs should be provided by the pros only.

Even if the problem is only in the oven light that won’t turn on, you should apply for an order for fixing it by a pro. We’ll provide you with cheap prices and classy services in the field of appliance repair near you.

Is It Costly to Repair the Oven That Won’t Turn On?

And you should know that our services are provided for an affordable price so every resident of GTA and Oakville could afford them.

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