Stove's Surface Element Doesn't Work or Won't Turn Off

Author: Andrey Bondarev

The stove is the appliance we all deal every day with. And it is quite reasonable it could have its own breakdowns that require a skilled repairman to fix them. The most dangerous and overwhelming breakdown is when your stove won't turn off or its surface element works improperly. It is actually both for inductive and gas stoves as the problem could lead to more considerable damages in your home and it threatens both your kitchen interior and your health.

Why Does It Happen?

Stove's Surface Element Doesn't Work or Won't Turn Off

When a customer applies to ProMaster with a request my stove won't turn off, we suspect several causes of that problem. Failure of electric hob burners happens quite often. They may not turn on, or after turning the regulator, they may not turn off and continue to warm up further.

  • The thermostat of the electric stove is faulty. Eliminated by elementary replacement of the element it could lead to the situation when the stove won't turn off.
  • Initially, the hob may not be properly connected. The wizard will reconnect for the error-free operation of the equipment.
  • If one burner is not working properly, and the rest work as usual, then the heating element may burn out in this particular element. As a result, the electric stove burner won't turn off.
  • The hob control module is defective. Repair or replacement of this unit is required.
  • The cooking zones may not turn on due to power surges. In this case, call an electrician.
  • The protective relay can also fail due to its breakdown. The help of a professional is needed here.
  • The electrical outlet, cord or stove plug can also be damaged.

What to Do When the Stove Won't Turn Off

If your stove is not turning off it's time to call ProMaster. While our repairmen are on the road, it is better to isolate the stove from children and pets so as not to do harm to them. If possible, it is also a good idea to turn off the electricity in the house.

Do not try to fix it yourself, not to do harm to your body and not to ruin the appliance completely. Our pros will check out quickly why your electric stove not turning off and fix it in a matter of hours. We have all the spare parts to renovate your stove. And it will be for a reasonable price. The cost of ProMaster services is the cheapest in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton.

Just contact us to get rid of all the breakdowns that could happen to your stove.

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