Washing Machine on the Fritz? Should You DIY or Call a ProMaster?

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Is your washing machine not working like it used to? Making strange noises, not spinning properly, leaving clothes still soaked? It can be incredibly frustrating when your washer breaks down. You likely rely on it to keep your family’s clothes clean. When the washer goes kaput, you’re faced with a decision - should you try and tackle the repair yourself or call in a ProMaster washer repair?

DIY Washing Machine Repairs - The Pros

Taking a DIY approach and trying to repair your own washing machine has some clear advantages. The first is cost savings. Appliance repair technicians often charge at least $80 just to diagnose the problem. Then there is the cost for parts and labor on top of that. If you’re handy and diagnose and fix the issue yourself, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars.

Another advantage of DIY appliance repair is the convenience factor. You can work on repairs when you have time instead of having to schedule an appointment during a repair tech’s limited working hours. And you avoid having to take extra time off work to meet a technician at your home.

There’s also greater pride and satisfaction that comes along with troubleshooting issues armed with your toolbox and repair manuals. When you manage to get the cranky washer running again through your own grit and ingenuity, you’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

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Risks of DIY Washing Machine Repairs

However, while DIY repairs can be rewarding, there are some definite risks to consider before cracking open your washer. First, if you inaccurately diagnose the problem or fully fix the issue, you may end up causing more extensive damage to your appliance. You may assume the problem lies in one part of the washer when it’s actually stemming from somewhere else.

Additionally, there are safety hazards, particularly with electric shocks. Washing machines have both electrical components and water, which can be a dangerous combination in inexperienced hands. Unless you have training, you likely don’t know how to discharge capacitors safely or use appropriate safety gear. Accidentally touching live wires can result in severe injury or even death by electrocution.

Calling in a Washing Machine Repair ProMaster

To avoid safety issues or creating more problems, the best solution is often to pick up the phone and call an experienced washing machine repair company instead. Appliance pros have specialized technical knowledge from working on machines for years. Their expertise allows them to quickly and accurately troubleshoot what is causing your washer to malfunction.

The right washing machine repairman will show up prepared. They will have all the necessary tools and parts on their truck to get your washer running again. If your machine requires substantial repairs with multiple components that need replacing, they can take care of it in a single visit instead of you needing to make multiple trips to the hardware store.

While you will save money by DIY appliance repair, you take a big risk of injury and accidentally worsening your machine’s issues. There’s great value in being able to call a ProMaster you can trust to handle your repair the right way. Take your wallet hit over playing amateur electrician and facing thousands in medical bills or having to dish out for a brand new washing machine!

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