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Author: Andrey Bondarev

The dryer is not spinning or Dryer is not starting

Until a few decades ago, previous generations of Canadians had to do everything by hand, without electrical appliances - they had to hand wash and dry the washed clothes on a clothesline. It took effort and a lot of time, but, in a sense, represented a fail-safe way to get things done within a predictable time frame. Modern life is much easier thanks to household appliances, but the situation changes dramatically when it turns out that your dryer is not spinning. The worst thing is that you probably do not have any plan B - you are simply not ready for such a situation, therefore you will not know how to get out of the situation!

The Promaster workshop network understands: dryer drum not spinning is a huge problem if you need the best shirt for an important business meeting tomorrow, which you can't put on without washing. Even if one day you still manage without a failed device, then you still need to do something about the fact that the dryer is not turning on. Fortunately, we have the best recipe for solving the problem - contact us and we will fix the current situation!

Dryer is not spinning

Why is it very convenient to contact us?

If the dryer is spinning but not heating, this literally baffles many: do you really have to disconnect all connected communications on your own, somehow load the equipment into a personal car, trying not to spoil it, and take it to someone who knows where to go to the workshop? In fact, in our case, everything is a little simpler: our workshops are always nearby (not only in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, but also in the surrounding smaller cities), and specialists also go to such calls at the address indicated by the client. To begin with, we will try to put the device in order right on the spot, and only if the dryer is not starting for a serious reason requiring special repair conditions, we will take the unit with us.

Why are we called the best?

The recipe for success is extremely simple: you just need to be as responsible as possible in fulfilling your duties, and the clientele will definitely feel a good attitude towards themselves. Here's how we do it:

  • our diagnostics are completely free - at least for those customers who order subsequent repairs in our own workshop;
  • our staff are trained at the production facilities of large technology giants, and receive parts from them - we fix everything that needs to be repaired;
  • the previous paragraph allows us to give a guarantee for work and parts for up to a year.

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The discount applies only to repair services

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