Dryer Not Drying Clothes?

Author: Andrey Bondarev

Drying things in the dryer is very convenient. Just a couple of hours and you get clean and warm clothes after drying, which does not even need to be ironed in most cases. At the same time, the dryer unit is quite spacious and requires a lot of space in your basement, pantry or bathroom. And it becomes all the more offensive when the dryer not drying clothes. In what cases can this be? ProMaster knows the answer.

5 Reasons Why Your Dryer Doesn't Dry Clothes

The name dryer refers to the main function that an appliance does. That is, drying clothes and laundry. And the case when the dryer not drying at all is sad.

Dryer Not Drying Clothes?

There are 5 most possible reasons for such a strange behavior of your dryer.

  1. Breakdown of the temperature sensor, which is responsible for heating the heating element to the set temperature. Most often, the owner is faced with the situation when he puts clothes and dryer not heating, due to which it does not dry well, and the laundry remains damp, often with a damp smell. The solution is to replace the thermostat at the service center. Be careful, because the same sensor can turn up the heating of the heating element to abnormal temperatures, as a result of which the laundry will either burn or dry out.
  2. Heating element failure. This element bears the main load for heating the air in the drum.
  3. Sudden power surges. These can lead to overloading of the wiring and as a result, your dryer is not drying clothes.
  4. Electronics unit error. The problem is more of a programmatic nature. Experienced service technicians in ProMaster can diagnose the problem and then reconfigure the onboard system.
  5. Service errors. If the dryer does not work in normal mode, and the display does not show the cycle time, but rather incomprehensible at first glance symbols, the system makes it clear about the malfunction by means of codes. You can get acquainted with their full list in the passport of your equipment.

Apply for ProMaster Repair Services to Keep Your Dryer Workable

It could be hard to deal with your dryer if you are not a skilled repairman. You can address the question of why my dryer is not drying clothes to real pros. It is better to save your time and efforts and to order dryer diagnostics and repair services in ProMaster. We'll check it out in a matter of hours and provide you with repair services for an affordable price. No need to wait as we work onsite in Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton, Oakville and other neighborhoods to make our services as convenient for you as possible.

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