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Author: Andrey Bondarev

Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating Up: What to Do?

Whirlpool is a well-known house appliance brand with an impeccable reputation. Yet, according to the reviews, even the Whirlpool dryer could not getting hot. What to do in that case? Some may say that buying a new device is a reasonable choice. Others will try to repair it on their own. But the most effective solution is to apply for repair services. In many cases, simple diagnostics and repair will improve the situation.

We have good news for Toronto and Oakville residents as you can skip the stage of seeking repair services near me and just apply for a craftsmen visit in our company.

Yet, let's consider whether the help of our pros is needed when your Whirlpool dryer not heating up properly. Maybe our info will be of great use and helps you to fix the breakout yourself.

Whirlpool Dryer not Heating up

What Are the Signs of Your Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating Up?

As usual, dryers are working properly for decades as their functions are quite simple – they are intended just to heat the laundry just to make it dry. Modern dryers are highly functional and have a variety of drying programs, so they can handle different types of fabrics perfectly. They can dry both tight jeans and the finest silk and chiffon in just half an hour. The sensor calls up the characteristics and when the set values are reached, the dryer shuts down. As a result, energy is saved, time and fabric does not dry out.

But sometimes things could go wrong and you may suspect your Whirlpool dryer not heating up enough. The factors that can highlight it are the following:

  • The laundry is still dry after the full cycle of work was performed.
  • The laundry looks creased instead of looking fresh, ironed and dry.
  • There is a bad scent from the dryer.
  • When touching the manhole of your dryer it is cold.
  • Sensors of the appliance do not work or show error codes.

All these factors are a sign to ring a bell and apply for repair services or just diagnostics of your dryer. Yet, what are the reasons for the Whirlpool dryer breakout?

What Could Break in a Dryer?

As usual, our clients order repair services as their Whirlpool dryer not getting hot enough. This breakout is rarely diagnosed due to manufacturing defects. Often, these problems accuse due to the violation of operation conditions. One more reason for the dryer breakdown is its heating element. In ProMaster, we've collected the most popular reasons for Whirlpool electric dryer not heating up.

  • Overload of the appliance. When you load extra weight, the appliance could get out of order.
  • Using inappropriate programs. Do not try to dry your jeans using delicate mode.
  • The blocking system is broken. When the door of a dryer could not seal hermetically, the whole device may not heat.
  • Electricity sudden power surges. Even in Canada, this reason is still regular.

In modern household appliances, many different assemblies and mechanisms are assembled with a complex device. Without special knowledge and appropriate equipment, it is almost impossible to independently understand the internal structure and eliminate the malfunction.

Our masters regularly encounter situations where unskilled intervention when trying to repair yourself or an illiterate installation of the dryer leads to the aggravation of existing problems and the appearance of new faults. Ultimately, by timely contacting our service center, you will save your nerves and money as the cost of your Whirlpool dryer repair will be twice and more cheaper than the price of buying a new item.

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