Washing machine stopped draining - urgently needs professional help!

The life of modern people has become much easier thanks to household appliances that securely and permanently entered into our apartments. However, what a huge problem arises if something suddenly breaks. Well, for example a washing machine. Most often, you may find that the washing machine does not drain the water.

You can try to repair the equipment yourself. But there is a risk not only of failing to cope, but of breaking the washing machine even more. Don't risk it. Experts ProMaster - are near you and always ready to make the most of what you ask for. We will make accurate diagnostics, provide original spare parts, repair and provide a guarantee. Hurry to seek professional help. We leave for Ontario GTA AREA (Toronto, North York, Brampton, Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke). Just indicate the address and time when the master will arrive at your home.

Washing machine stopped draining

The machine does not drain water - there is a reason for the malfunction!

If the machine stops draining water, this is a serious enough problem! Firstly, it is impossible to operate the equipment further and as soon as possible you need to wait for the master. An approximate list of reasons that led to the malfunction is as follows:

  1. The timer refuses to serve. This small detail controls the wash cycles. The timer cannot be repaired by yourself, as it usually needs to be replaced.
  2. The pump is broken - this most often leads to the fact that the machine does not drain the water. The main function of the pump is to push water out of the drum. It so happens that the pump is clogged with lint or a piece of cloth. But often it fails completely and again it has to be changed.
  3. Problem in the hose. The hose through which the water flows out may bend and clog. It needs to be straightened or cleaned. If the hose is worn out, it will have to be replaced.

It is better to entrust a qualified technician to eliminate a variety of malfunctions due to which the washing machine does not drain water. Masters of the ProMaster company have been repairing washing machines for a very long time, have many years of experience and experience in carrying out such repair work.

In case the washing machine does not drain the water, call our master - and you will be satisfied with his work.

ProMaster Service Scheme

Was your washing machine broken? Has water stopped draining from the drum? Don't worry too much! At your service is a team of professionals who will urgently come to your aid!

Our managers will promptly process the order, orientate the price, send a master to you, who will carry out diagnostics, agree on the estimate and cost of the repair. After approval, the master will immediately eliminate the breakdown. The customer accepts the work and pays the invoice.

We give a guarantee, which means that you will forget about such a nuisance as the washing machine does not drain the water, you will definitely forget, and in return we expect a review from you that can be published on our website.

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