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Washer not spinning

Not so long ago, a very rich man could be easily distinguished from an ordinary person by his appearance: the appearance of the first was watched by servants, the second was forced to constantly get dirty at dirty work. Today, this difference is leveled by household appliances: any Canadian can afford to buy a washing machine and look perfect with it, without spending too much free time on it. But when it suddenly turns out that the washing machine is not draining, you seem to be transported into the past, when you have to either rub your clothes with your hands, or specially carry them to the laundry, or catch the bewildered glances of others.

But even if the washing machine is not spinning, there is no reason to despair - you can always turn to the Promaster workshop network for help. We are present in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, and other large cities in the vicinity, so we will arrive promptly to the call and will do our best to restore the broken device to work at minimum cost.

Washer not spinning

Do I have to take the equipment to repair myself?

To be honest, it would be cruel, given that the washer is usually connected to communications, weighs a lot, and has significant dimensions. We propose to proceed as follows: if the washing machine won't spin, there is no need to make sudden movements - just call us and we will diagnose the breakdown directly at your address. It happens that repair is possible even at home - well, so much the better for everyone, because it will be faster and easier. If the washer not spinning is still due to serious malfunctions, then we will take the unit, but we will do it ourselves because experienced specialists will do it more accurately.

Why can you entrust the repair to us?

You can often hear that in a situation where the washing machine is not spinning properly, it should be returned for repair only to authorized service centers. We completely agree with this, but we are a network of such centers - at least for most of the top brands, including Samsung, LG, Bosch, Whirlpool, and many others. From the rest of our advantages, please note the following:

  • pay only for repairs - diagnostics are free;
  • instead of broken parts, we put only original and completely new ones;
  • the repaired equipment is guaranteed for a period of 3-12 months - if something we repaired breaks down, we will fix it for free!

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