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Fridge Is Warm and Freezer Is Cold: What to Do?

The question placed in our headline is among the most popular requests our clients apply for in ProMaster. A refrigerator is a must-have appliance for every household yet its functionality cannot last forever. Sometimes even the most expensive fridges come out of order and then the fridge is warm, the freezer stays cold. How to cope with a problem like that?

Your fastest repair service in Toronto will answer the question.

Freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm

Why is the Fridge Warm but the Freezer Is Cold? Considering Main Causes

There are several reasons for the working freezer with the warm main chamber of a fridge. These reasons for such a strange behavior of your appliance could be rather different. The most common are:

  • Loose closing of the chamber door due to the user's oversight. There is a constant flow of warm air into it from the room so the chamber’s temperature rises.
  • Sometimes, the fridge is too warm and the freezer stays too cold because of missing scheduled defrost. When your fridge works for a long time without defrosting, the effect could be like that.
  • There are situations when the freezer compartment is filled with food too tightly so that there is practically no free space. When the products for freezing lie close to each other and are tightly rammed, all the compressor power goes to freezing its huge volume, and there is not enough cold for the rest of the compartments.
  • Sometimes, even incorrect installation of a fridge could run to the fact that the fridge is warm but the freezer is cold.

All these reasons could be solved easily by defrosting, checking the sensor responsible for temperature control of the fridge. Yet, sometimes the problem is deeper and it concerns compressor breakdown. This kind of breakdown requires complex diagnostics and skilled repair, sometimes even the replacement of a compressor. Accordingly, the price for a service like that will be higher.

Where to Get Refrigerator Repair Services in GTA, Canada?

You are right here, on our website. Just apply for fast repair services in ProMaster! Our craftsmen will be at your door at any time you choose providing you with all kinds of appliance repair. We can cope with the most complex tasks including full diagnostics of your fridge, warm freezer with cold fridge, sealing defects etc.

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