Has the food in the fridge started to freeze?

Domestic appliances might have a variety of malfunctions in their operation. One of the most prevalent types of "breakdown" that can occur in a refrigerator is when the temperature within the chambers drops to the point where the food will freeze. When the refrigerator freezes food, there are a number of different factors that might be the cause of the malfunctioning appliance.

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Why does the refrigerator freeze food?

It is imperative that you get in touch with a qualified technician as soon as possible in order to resolve the issue of the refrigerator freezing vegetables. In most cases, the problem arises as a result of poor adjustment of the thermostat, damage to the seal that is placed on the door of the device, obstruction in the drain hole that is situated beneath the boxes that are used to store fruits and vegetables, freon leaks that are caused by fractures in the cooling system, and other similar issues. A specialist will explain to you the precise reason why the refrigerator causes food to freeze.

refrigerator freeze food

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